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How to send Skype IM programmatically


In this tutorial, we ‘ll see how to send a IM to your Skype friends. For this, you need to access Skype API. There ‘s an Skype ActiveX component which allows to access their API. This is an object oriented layer which wraps the API functinality.

First you need to download the Skype4COM
component. Then You need to create an instance of type COM by specifying the path to above dll.

ini_set('display_errors', 'On');
error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

$skype = new COM('Skype4COM.Skype');

if (!$skype->client()->isRunning()) {
$skype->client()->start(true, true);

$members = new COM('Skype4COM.UserCollection');

$chat = $skype->CreateChatMultiple($members);
$chat->SendMessage("Hi friend");
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Access Skype Functionality in Web Site

The Skype protocol allows users to deal with Skype related activities. The only condition is to have installed Skype  in client side. Getting a call, sending a IM, sending a voicemail and having a conference call  are still possible when the Skype username is known.

The following examples use ‘echo123’ demo user provided by Skype. Replace it with your friend’s Skype username.

Call a Skype user

call Skype demo user

<a href="skype:echo123?call">call Skype demo user</a>

Send a Skype IM message

Chat with Skype demo user

<a href="skype:echo123?chat">Chat with Skype demo user</a>

Send a voicemail

Send voicemail to demo user

<a href="skype:echo123?voicemail">Send voicemail to demo user</a>

Create a Skype conference call

conference call

<a href="skype:echo123;ANOTHER_USER?call">conference call</a>
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